The Waterford School District has partnered once again, with SafeStop to launch a new app for parents to keep track of their child’s school bus as they make their way along daily routes. With the SafeStop App, parents and students alike will be able to see the exact location of the bus and when it’s expected to arrive at their stop. The software updates the expected arrival time every 30 seconds. Parents can also click on a button and see where the bus is physically on a map, eliminating guesswork. These features are available 30 minutes before a scheduled stop.

Parents may begin the registration process on September 16, 2019 with the service going “live” for use on September 23, 2019. Parents must use their child’s student ID to register for SafeStop. Parents can find their student's ID in Parent Portal, located under the Demographics Module listed as "Local ID". Only one account per student ID can be created, so parents with babysitters or other caregivers will need to share that login information if they want multiple people to have access to the app. However, log in information is kept confidential by SafeStop and not shared with other students and/or parents.

The SafeStop app is available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also view the web version of the app at

SafeStop-How to Get Started