Facilities Utilization Process

The Waterford School District is in the process of developing a Facilities Utilization Plan for adoption by the Waterford Board of Education in March. This process has tentatively identified four elementary schools for possible closure or repurposing. The intent is to maximize our instructional delivery system for the purposes of increased student achievement, while providing the most cost effective and efficient use of District facilities and resources at a time of declining enrollment. Numerous standards were quantified, including current and projected enrollment, building capacity, amount of instructional classrooms, ability to expand a school's existing footprint, and current physical building conditions. The four (4) elementary schools being considered for closing or repurposing include Sandburg, Burt, Waterford Village, and Adams, with all of Adams and a portion of Waterford Village being relocated to what is currently Mason North (formerly Grayson Elementary).

There will be a public forum held for parents and other interested members of each elementary school community. Further information will be provided at that time and those in attendance will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their feedback with members of our central administration and Board of Education. You may review those dates by clicking on Public Forum Schedule under Calendars & Timelines below.

Calendars & Timeline