Waterford Community Garden

Farm 2 School Planning
The Waterford Community Garden/Outdoor Classroom, originally planted in 2011, was developed to provide multiple learning and community service opportunities. In 2012, the Waterford School District received a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm to School Planning Grant and is utilizing the Waterford Community Garden to launch this initiative.

Farm 2 School Initiative
Farm 2 School is a natural response to growing concerns about childhood obesity and the viability of the American family farm. Farm 2 School programs are not only about sourcing locally, but also about sourcing fresh and nutritious foods, providing educational opportunities for students about food choices and about where their food comes from, and helping to reinvigorate local economies.

Farm 2 School is good for students. Farm 2 School can mean having access to fresh, nutritious food, as well as gaining invaluable knowledge and making more informed food choices as adults.

Farm 2 School is good for schools. Fresh and local food options in cafeterias can increase participation rates in school food programs, thereby boosting food service revenue. Gaining access to fresh and local foods also enable school food services to expand their options in ways that can support wellness and curricular priorities.

Farm 2 School is good for farmers. Farmers can benefit from increased sales opportunities that school lunch programs can offer. Once a relationship is established, schools offer steady and reliable demand for their product. Farm 2 School programs are also more likely to expand local food purchasing in the household as well, as students bring home lessons to their parents.

Farm 2 School is good for the community. Spending on local food sources stimulate the local economy by keeping and multiplying food dollars in the community.

Farm 2 School is good for the environment. Sourcing locally also supports a food system that is more sustainable, providing an alternative to the current system of production and distribution.