We are in an ongoing process to continually improve our program for the sake of your child's health. Here are some of the ways that your child will benefit from our food program:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are offered to all grades daily
  • A variety of fresh salads are prepared and offered to all grades daily
  • An assortment of sandwiches are prepared fresh daily
  • A variety of vegetarian meals are offered
  • Whole Grains are our district standard
  • Only 100% juice served
  • Fat free or 1% white and fat free flavored milk offered
  • No added hormones are in our milk products
  • Only lowfat mozzarella cheese that is part skim milk is served
  • Only tuna packed in water is served
  • Only turkey cold cuts are served
  • Sodium is used in limited quantities in our food preparation
  • All of our canned fruit is packed in natural or light syrup
  • Healthy beverage choices offered ala carte: water, 100% Fruit Juice, Flavored Milks
  • Healthy snack choices are offered ala carte
  • Meals are prepared on site by our professionally trained and certified cooks
  • All foods prepared in our kitchens are baked, not fried

Michigan grown children produce a healthy future!