I was reluctant to come to Durant with my two sons, but after we did I found out that not only was this the best choice for my sons' credits, but this school cares about getting each and every student to graduate and they will assist your student straight through graduation. -- Parent of a 2017 graduate

Waterford Durant is an excellent school for our children.  The help of caring staff, more one on one teaching and the ability to comprehend what is taught to our children makes the biggest difference for our kids.  Durant has that and so much more for our kids.  I'm so thankful for this school.  It changed my son's future for the better.   --Parent of a 2017 graduate

One thing I really love about Durant is they truly believe it takes a village.  When I walk in everyone from the hall monitor to the principal knows me and knows my student... The teachers are always so positive.  Even when they call to let me know he is struggling, they always say "Don't worry, we're going to help him through this."  As a single parent it was a relief not to have to manage that all on my own... I consider myself very fortunate that my school district offered Durant as an alternative.  If it were not for Durant, I know my son would not be graduating from high school.  --Parent of a 2016 graduate

When our son first asked to be transferred to Durant, we were skeptical and actually waited a whole year... we look back now and wish that we would have made the transfer when he first asked.  I think it's important that more people understand the benefits of Durant and realize it's not a school for "bad" kids or lazy kids or kids that just aren't smart enough for "regular" schools.  The same curriculum is taught as the other schools, however, the class sizes are smaller and class lengths are longer allowing the teachers to be more attentive to the students. My son has mentioned that the relationship that the teachers have with the kids is more personal and the students feel more comfortable participating in class.  If anyone is skeptical, call Durant and schedule a meeting with the counselor and ask questions.  Once you see the program and how the school is run, you will change your mind.  --Parent of a future 2017 graduate

I had an undesirable, preconceived idea of "alternative" schools.  I could not fathom my student being typecast as one of "THOSE" kids who ended up at the (fill in the blank) school.  My eyes are opened.  The change in my student is 180 degrees.  My mind has completely changed about alternative schools and I hope, with time, people will lose their prejudices about these schools.  Had I know how he would thrive at Durant, I would have enrolled him immediately last year.  I honestly will tell ANYONE and EVERYONE to not worry about any stigma.  This is the BEST thing that has happened to my student.  He will be able to graduate proudly.  --Parent of a 2016 graduate