Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Each year, outstanding graduating high school seniors, 25 each from Waterford Kettering and Mott High Schools, are honored by the Waterford Foundation in recognition of their achievements in academics, leadership, and citizenship.

Waterford Mott High School 2019 Select Fifty

Front Row (l to r) Na’Caria Sangster, Chandler Deuman, Marissa McClusky, Julia Wallace, Chaselyn Chamberlain, Lauren Spencer, Carli Tower, Sared Gonzalez. Second Row (l to r) Assistant Principal Christina Harding, Keimonnee Fields, Cameron Lack, Rylee Robinson, Ashley Carver, Ava Steffanuski, Benny Mollohan. Third Row (l to r) Logan Jacobson, Luke Jernigan, Brandon Tower, Zackery Garcia, Daniel Garcia, Counselor Sharon Adams. Stairs (bottom to top) Julio Ledezma Jr., Ryan Christian, Jason Brooks Goodwill, Noah Fuerst, Luciano Pedini, Luke Batchelor.

Mott Select 50


Waterford Kettering High School 2019 Select Fifty

Front Row (l to r) Rachel Chambers, Michel Lopez Hernandez, Kendall Zall, Alyssa Aiello, Sabrina Taylor, Julia DArca, Hailey Betts, Sarah Arnold, Maria Kuhn. Second Row (l to r) Principal Debra Cooper, Antonio Arroyo III, Nathan Vogel, Sierra Spencer, Safiyah Ali, Samuel Ward, Claire Barghahn, Nakia Vickery, Tylajay Smith, Nathaniel Andrews, Kyle Gineman, Mr. Charles Jergler. Third row (bottom to top) Justin Harnack, Owen Clark, Nicklas Luckham, Chad Neiger, Ryan Nolan, Jeremy Harnack.

Kettering Select 50